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Models in polyamide are constructed from very fine, granular powder using the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. The result is a strong, somewhat flexible material that can take small impacts and resist some pressure while being bent. The surface has a fine granular look, and is slightly porous but with higher density and lower porosity than parts produced with Selective Laser Sintering. Polyamide (MJF) is the ideal choice when you need more detailed surface resolution or thinner walls than are possible with Laser Sintering.
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Minimale Wandstärke
1 mm, but living hinges are possible at 0.5 mm
Minimale Detailgröße
0.25 mm
± 0.3% (with lower limit on ± 0.2 mm)
Maximale Größe
250 x 340 x 360 mm
0.5 mm
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The pricing for Polyamide is based on the volume your models take up in the 3D printing machine. This includes the volume of your models and the surrounding space they require in the printer’s build chamber to ensure a successful print.

For Polyamide, we charge a minimum price per ordered piece. Unlike the startup cost (which is applied to most materials), this cost vanishes when the price is higher than the minimum price. If you order two or more copies of a model, the price automatically decreases because the preparation of multiple copies can be carried out more efficiently.

Typische Verwendung

Polyamide (MJF) can be used for complex models, concept models, small series of models (several copies of a model) and functional models. This technique allows the greatest freedom of design of all 3D printing techniques.


HP Multi Jet Fusion is a powder-based technology but does not use lasers. The powder bed is heated uniformly at the outset. A fusing agent is jetted where particles need to be selectively molten, and a detailing agent is jetted around the contours to improve part resolution. While lamps pass over the surface of the powder bed, the jetted material captures the heat and helps distribute it evenly.

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Polyamide (MJF) is a material that is perfect for beginning-designers who want a well-priced model, a maximum freedom of creation, and who don’t want to be bothered with the limitations of the printing process.
  • Be careful for models with large, flat surfaces or plates (< 25 cm). When such a model cools down, it can deform. The deformation process is known as warping.


Learning about our materials is one thing, seeing and touching them another. That's why we've designed sample kits based on our Periodic Table of Materials.

Polyamide (MJF) Sample Kit  

Polyamide (MJF) Sample Kit

Includes a natural gray and a dyed black sample.

$ 13.00